Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation

In December 1996, an e-mail list was introduced focusing on education and emotional support for inflammatory breast cancer patients, their friends and families. That e-mail list and website was IBC Support, founded by Pete Bevin and Menya Wolfe, pioneers in online patient support  communities.

In 1998 advocacy for meaningful research directed specifically at IBC was begun by a group of those who met on IBC Support. This small group started the IBC Research Foundation e-mail list. By 1999 that fledgling effort resulted in the incorporation of the non-profit Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a tax-deductible 501(c)3 corporation.

The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation conducts business and pursues its mission and goals online. We work to increase IBC awareness and provide accurate, current, information about IBC and IBC research. A toll-free telephone number (1-877-stop-IBC or 1-877-786-7422) serves those with no internet access. We attend cancer conferences and symposiums each year to remain current with research and make contact with researchers. We use those opportunities to introduce many of them to the most aggressive breast cancer, IBC. We encourage researchers to include IBC biospecimen samples and/or patients in their research.

Non-Profit Status

The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the support of research and public awareness. Proudly, over the course of the past seven years between 92% and 95% of all donations have gone directly to support the mission and goals of the Foundation. The Foundation has no corporate sponsors; we rely on many small, tax-deductible voluntary donations to pursue our commitment to finding the causes of IBC.

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