Calli Armstrong at the Troy, Ohio Relay for Life May 11, 2002

These pictures were taken at the Troy Ohio Relay for Life Walk. (Troy is a suburb of Dayton, Ohio.) The walk was held on May 10th & 11th.

My sister and I went to join our mother in her walk, and I took along the IBC parasol and brochures. The parasol brought A LOT of attention, and I was given the opportunity to speak out about the parasol and what it represents.

During the course of the day on Saturday, the local radio station was there doing “quizzes,” asking questions about various cancers and giving the answers. Sometimes there would be lots of answers but not the correct ones, and the radio people would give the correct answers over the microphone. One of the questions was, “Can someone have breast cancer and not have a lump?” The d.j. told me afterwards during my interview that 103 people had answered that question “no” before someone said “yes.” Those 103 people were given the IBC brochures, along with 323 others, and everyone learned that you don’t have to have a lump to have breast cancer.

On our way back home the next day, we stopped at a McDonald’s in a small town. While I was at the counter waiting in line, I met a nice young woman . I had noticed she had a nursing shirt on, and I, also being a nurse, complimented her on it. She told me she was an oncology nurse, and as we began to talk I told her about the relay, IBC, the parasol and the brochures. We actually got out of line, went out to my car, and I showed her the parasol. She asked for the remainder of the brochures to take back to her office in the Toledo Area.

You can spread the word about IBC even in the most unexpected places.