This weekend (May 20, 2006) my son, Roger, got married. The wedding went off very nicely. A few weeks ago, Roger had told me about what they had planned to do for wedding favors. You know, all along I was looking forward to a mixed emotion time. Roger is a good man and he has married a fine young woman, but I knew that for me there would be something missing. The horrible emptiness that I felt throughout all the planning. Never mentioned it to Roger, but I knew that this wedding would be as difficult as it was happy for me. It sure was, I don’t think I’ve missed Doracina any more in three years as I did this Saturday. Anyhow, when Roger told me what they had planned to do about wedding favors, I teared up and felt a bit better. After all, it was kind of like Doracina was there. Each table at the wedding had the attached card on it.

Attached Card