Over the Rainbow
by Kathy Casey
Rowelett, Texas

“Mother” is our primary bond with life. She is the first connection with the world, as we know it. My mother was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer September 2000. Her name is Denise, and she is more than cancer. She is my “mom,” and she is a fighter with strength I could never imagine. Because of her spirit, I have learned to respect my Mother in a new way. Asked for a personal quote, she would cite The Lord’s Prayer because she has basically left this in God’s hands. She has a strong faith in God, my dad, and her doctors to pull her through. Faith is a very personal thing. Either you have it or you don’t. My mother has it, and she seems more calm and at peace with her life right now than ever.

To watch my family rally in her support has been really inspiring. Each member has contributed something worthwhile during this challenging time. We all take a lot less for granted now, and we say, “I love you” a lot more. My dad continues to walk this path with my mother, standing by her side and guarding her at all times. I am so proud of them both!

I can honestly say that what has helped me the most through these difficult times has been the support of other “children” of ibc mothers. God bless the IBC Research Foundation and the wonderful people who make it up because they have helped me so much along the way. It has been a blessing to find other ibc “children” who are struggling to find answers to the same tough questions. Out of this struggle, the “Children of IBC” support list was born, and I learned that helping others has made my own situation much easier to deal with.

I believe my mother will get well, just as many other IBC Survivors have done before her. I also believe in the beauty of rainbows after turbulent storms. “Somewhere over the rainbow / dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” I believe there is a way over the rainbow, but we have to never give up the hope that is needed in trying to find it.