April 27, 2001, A message from Nancy Gruici:

I got this idea that I would make pink and white earrings (going with the BC colors and all that) out of antique beads and semi precious stone beads, thinking that I would donate them all and they could sell them all for pure profit at 10.00 a pair.

I now have about 15 pairs of earrings (all displayed on the IBC Research Foundation business card) that are going to be sold in a local consignment shop. I have been going in there about once a week, and the owner asked me what the bandages were on my arm (my lymphedema is really bad as are the skin mets right now). I handed him the card out of my purse and started to explain the whole thing to him.

He is going to set up a display for me, collect the money (giving all of it to me for IBC Research Foundation) and is also going to put a link to the IBC Research Foundation site off of his page for the shop.

I already sold 3 pair at 10.00 each and told my friend to send the check directly out to where it should go. I will be taking what is left, some brochures and forms for donation (printed from the web site) down after PT next week.

I will also be making a variety of items to see what I like doing the most, what will sell well and what can be produced quickly. I was able to make 18 pairs of earrings on one Saturday.

Would anyone like to donate old necklaces and beads to help go to this cause? I will continue to use my collection (of what I am willing to part with – it’s like antique buttons – stuff gets rationed out) but I thought it would almost be a group effort if people had old stuff they weren’t using and would want to mail it to me. The owner of the store said that anything with crystals on it sells really well.

All of the items will be using recycled jewelry and will be hand made by me, or friends of mine if I make them help me (which they would love to do because they don’t know what else to do to help).

Note: Sadly Nancy died. She enjoyed making jewelry and through that had the opportunity to tell many people about inflammatory breast cancer.