Our mission is to improve the lives of those touched by inflammatory breast cancer through the power of action and advocacy. We do this by fostering innovative inflammatory breast cancer research, educating stakeholders, and tirelessly advocating for both patients and survivors.

Goals Include:

  • To ignite interest in the study and research of inflammatory breast cancer at every level. From researchers to physicians, educators and scientists, the IBC Research Foundation seeks to support and inspire those seeking to identify the cause(s) of inflammatory breast cancer.
  • To support research, the purpose of which is to reach an unambiguous definition of inflammatory breast cancer. The clinical/pathological definition in use since the late 1800s with little change in the 1900s is ambiguous and doesn’t result in a diagnosis of all cases of IBC. By using 21st century research methods an unambiguous definition is now possible, assuring with high certainty that all cases of IBC will be correctly diagnosed, and possible sub-types of IBC identified, which may lead to better treatment outcomes.
  • To increase awareness of IBC for primary care physicians, nursing professionals, and medical technicians in order to minimize the time from presentation of symptoms to correct diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer.
  • To increase public awareness in an effort to encourage women to seek medical attention for common inflammatory breast cancer symptoms soon after they appear and to empower patients, caregivers, families and friends to pursue meaningful paths in support of diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory breast cancer.