IBC Skin Metastases

These photographs depict what are commonly called skin mets (metastases). The first photos are of early skin mets, the other of a more advanced case of skin mets. Since IBC is in the lymphatic channels of the skin, local/regional recurrence in the skin is not uncommon, even after radiation treatments. Thank you to the IBC patients who have provided these images for use on this web site. Photos may not be used without permissionContact the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation for permission.

For visual clinical symptoms of IBC, go to this page.

skin metastasis from Inflammatory Breast CancerAppearance of skin mets along the mastectomy scar line. Note both a diffuse rash and bumps.
Photo of skin metastasesOne red lesion on right at edge of left chest radiation field. Bumps on right near and around scar line and up to u shaped met on clavicle. Photo was taken 2 days prior to first infusion with TDM1.
skin mets on chest and upper armExtensive skin mets rash on chest, shoulder, upper arm, and part of remaining breast. Same patient as photo below, but prior to IBC diagnosis.
skin mets to under arm and upper armDiscoloration from skin mets to chest, under arm and upper arm is fading after chemotherapy. This was after diagnosis with IBC skin mets. Same patient as photo above.
Early development of skin mets in one patient.Early development of skin mets in one person, appearing like a rash.
Photo of skin mets nodules appearing along the mastectomy scar line.Close up view of skin mets nodules in and along the scar line. Note the area of pink in a semi-circular shape above the scar.
Photo of skin mets on an upper arm.Skin mets on the upper arm.
Photo of skin mets on the patient's back.Close up photo of more advanced skin mets on the back.
Photo of skin mets on upper chest.Close up of skin mets on upper chest, opposite side from mastectomy site.
photo of skin mets on upper chestSkin mets on same person as in photo above, but showing extent of skin mets area.
skin mets on skin graftSkin mets appearing on a skin graft done for previous mets to the right chest. Note skin met on left side, just above the under arm.
Skin mets on opposite side of chestClose view of skin mets on contralateral (opposite) side of chest, just above left under arm. Same person as the 4 above photos.
skin mets from breast cancerMastectomy and removal of all involved skin Nov 2011, simultaneous tram flap reconstruction. Dec 2011 rash reappeared, treated with Eribulin, then Navelbine.
skin mets to chestThis photo and the one below are of the same person. This photo was taken first, during chemotherapy for the skin mets.
skin mets to the chestThe mets are spreading and going around to her back. The mets start out bright red, then become purple during treatment, and if they are doing well turn tan and stop itching. This photo was taken several months after the first photo, during a different chemotherapy treatment.