A case of a bilateral inflammatory breast cancer: a case report

Selected inflammatory breast cancer research published in 2016

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Kurtz, J., et al. (2016, May). A case of a bilateral inflammatory breast cancer: a case report. The Breast Journal, 22(3), 342-46. doi:10.1111/tbj.12578.

Cases of bilateral inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) are extremely rare. Our search criteria only found one other record of metachronous bilateral IBC (1). We present the case of a patient who was treated for IBC with neoadjuvant chemotherapy, modified radical mastectomy (MRM), and whole breast radiation. Less than 1 year later, the patient had a recurrence of IBC on the left chest wall with in the radiated field, as well as a new IBC on the contralateral side. Bilateral IBC is extremely rare. This entity can present challenges for the standard treatment of IBC with neoadjuvant chemotherapy, MRM, and whole breast radiation (2). Our case study shows the importance of scheduled routine imaging, screening with physical examination after IBC management, and good patient compliance in this aggressive disease (3).

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