Want to take action now?

The group above was in New York City for a meeting and gathered outside the Good Morning America studios to raise awareness of metastatic breast cancer and inflammatory breast cancer.

Be an inflammatory breast cancer presence at local group breast cancer activities such as race/walk events. Share IBC bookmarks and brochures with family, your neighbors, your health care providers, physical therapist, or recently rediscovered friends from high school or college. Talk about IBC in your social groups: quilting, the friends of your local library gathering, the senior dog rescue group, co-workers in the lunchroom.

Carol, one of our Board members, spoke to her local knitting/crocheting group at the senior center, and shared bookmarks. A dear friend in the group translated her remarks into Spanish so everyone understood the information. Carol still knits chemo caps for her local chemotherapy center. She remembers how sensitive a bald head can be, so she always uses soft yarn and never selects a pattern that calls for a seam. Whenever someone in the needlework group asked Carol what she was making, she pulled out a bookmark, did a 60 second IBC chat and gave that person the bookmark.

Share your personal IBC experience by writing a letter to the editor of your newspaper calling attention to the “no lump required” type of breast cancer. Share your personal IBC experience. Need help with wording? Contact us.

Create a special fund raising event on your social media to honor your birthday. If you are 40 years old, maybe friends would donate $40 in your honor? Are you an IBC thriver celebrating 15 years since your diagnosis? 20 years? 25 years? We can help with information about how to do this.

Trifold brochure.

No social media? No problem! Order our bookmarks and/or brochures to hand out to friends and neighbors. Do the 60 second talk and give one to medical professionals when you have an appointment.