How to find a doctor to treat inflammatory breast cancer (IBC)

There are many doctors in the United States who are experienced treating inflammatory breast cancer. Treatment may take about a year and we suggest you find an experienced oncologist in an area within driving distance of your home. Some patients consult with an IBC specialist at a major medical center, but receive treatment close to home. It is important that all members of your medical team (oncologist, radiation oncologist, breast surgeon, IBC specialist) share information. This is usually done electronically. Here are some ways to locate an a doctor.

The National Cancer Institute has more than 60 designated cancer centers. These deliver cutting-edge cancer treatments to patients in communities across the United States. Find a center near you and learn about its specific research capabilities, programs, and initiatives. Any of those locations will have doctors with expertise with IBC.

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network is an alliance of 28 cancer centers in the United States, most of which are also designated by the National Cancer Institute as comprehensive cancer centers. Any of those locations will have doctors with expertise with IBC.

Another suggestion is to call a university-based research hospital or medical center in your state. Ask to speak to a breast health nurse. Explain that you are looking for a breast specialist or oncologist with experience in treating inflammatory breast cancer.

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