Board of Directors and Officers

Board of Directors

Photo of Ginny Mason
Ginny Mason

Ginny, a Registered Nurse, was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in 1994. Since then she has been a tireless educator and advocate for inflammatory breast cancer. In addition, she squeezes in time with her grandchildren whenever possible.

Photo of Carol McWilliams
Carol McWilliams

Carol was diagnosed with stage IIIB triple negative inflammatory breast cancer in August 2003. Although she whines about her thin, chemo curly hair, Carol is doing well.

Photo of Phyllis Johnson
Phyllis Johnson

Since her diagnosis with hormone-receptor negative, HER2 positive inflammatory breast cancer in 1998, Phyllis has been active in various on-line IBC support groups. A retired teacher, she enjoys time with her grandchildren, traveling, and volunteering with the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Photo of Jennifer Sickles
Jennifer Sickles

Jennifer’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. She joined the board as Treasurer in 2015. Jennifer enjoys spending time with her children, niece and nephew.

Photo of Bryon Davis
Bryon Davis

Bryon’s aunt Kathy Milburn-Williams was diagnosed with triple negative inflammatory breast cancer in 2006. It didn’t take long for the family to conclude that more IBC research was needed. Bryon has worked since 2007 to fund and build collaborations that support IBC research through the Milburn Foundation.

Photo of Jennifer Cordts
Jennifer Cordts

Jennifer was diagnosed with stage IV Inflammatory Breast Cancer in November 2015. Today, rather than focusing her energy on her own fight, she has redirected her energies, toward advocating and IBC education. Also, she runs a support group at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, TX.

President: Ginny Mason
Vice-President: Phyllis Johnson
Secretary: Carol McWilliams
Treasurer: Jennifer Sickles

Past Members of the Board of Directors
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation thanks the following people for their time and talents generously shared over the years since the organization was founded in 1999:
Owen Johnson, Founder and President Emeritus
Bee Johnson
Debbie McKinney
Gayla Little
Laurie Isenman
Pat Haugen
Anya Silver
RK VanOrsdahl