About Photos of IBC

About These Photos of IBC

To inform mature visitors to this web site, we present photographic examples of inflammatory breast cancer, skin metastases, and more. The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation wishes to thank these patients for sharing their photos with the IBC community. These photographs are frank.

Photos of IBC Symptoms

These photographs show typical visual symptoms that appear at time of diagnosis, before treatment. Remember there are often non-visual symptoms that include itching, pain, and skin thickening.

Photos of IBC Skin Metastases

These photographs depict what are commonly called skin mets (metastases). The first photos are of early skin mets, the other of a more advanced case of skin mets. Since IBC is in the lymphatic channels of the skin, local/regional recurrence in the skin is not uncommon, even after radiation treatments.

One Woman’s Journey with Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Follow one woman from before her Inflammatory Breast Cancer diagnosis in 2009 through chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and post-treatment in 2011. She wishes to remain anonymous. Here is her journey….complete with photos taken along the way. These photos are frank, they were taken before diagnosis, during chemotherapy, just before mastectomy surgery, radiation markings, immediately post radiation, 16 days post radiation, and final healing of chest wall. The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation wishes to thank her for sharing her story and photos with the IBC community.

Krysti and the Gamma Knife

Meet Krysti, diagnosed with bilateral (both breasts) metastatic Inflammatory Breast Cancer in 2005. Krysti shows that treatment of one small brain metastases is not the awful procedure some might imagine. From the first step of being fitted for a halo, to post treatment, Krysti shares her photos and commentary with her usual good humor and fabulous smile.